Aswan, and beyond, Sherryl’s adventure in Egypt.

This last 3 weeks have been full on, filled with adventure and travel as Jaime and I spent time with Sherryl, who had come to Marsa Alam, all the way from NZ!

We had wonderful 4 days in Aswan. Our first day was a visit to temple of Philae, which like Abu Simbel had been saved from the rising waters of the Nile after the construction of the Aswan High Dam. It is a huge feat of engineering and foresight to save such a valuable structure.

We were lucky enough to travel to Abu Simbel by plane from Aswan, and were guided round the 2 temples built by Rameses II – one for his favourite wife Neferatari, and one for him. Our guide was a very knowledgeable guy who is an archaeologist in his other life!

It was an awe inspiring place to see, made even more incredible by passion and dedication of our guide, who was able to explain the meaning and story behind the statues and the drawings.

This temple was also moved up and back away from the waters of the Lake Nasser, which was formed after the high dam was built. It is mind boggling that this could have been done, when you realise the size of the structure,and the precision that was required to move it so that it was in an identical position as originally, except higher up out of the water’s reach.  Hopefully the pictures give a perspective of the size of the place.

The day we visited Abu Simbel the temperature was 55 C, so we were extremely grateful for the air-conditioned bus, which had a recorded temperature of 33 C, amazing what you get used to!

We also  experienced a relaxing motor boat cruise along the Nile, had a exciting and hilarious camel ride along the sand, and lunch in the shade of the huge ‘Elephants foot’ rock on Elephantine Island.

Another highlight was our ‘high tea’ at the Old Cataract hotel

It was wonderful to sit in the beautiful old dining room and be spoilt! This was our treat, after a interesting afternoon spent in the Nubian museum, ( in my opinion is one of the best museums I have ever visited.)

After a bit of R and R back at Marina View we headed to Cairo, for a final dash to visit pyramids, Sphinx and several other not to be missed attractions before sending Sherryl off on her marathon flights back to NZ. We miss you Sherryl!

What a place! The heat, the noise, the traffic, the smells, the sights and sounds of 23 million people and their cars, in one city has to be experienced to have any idea of what it was like.

Hopefully some of the photos will give you a bit of an idea! Needless to say Jaime and I were very happy to come back to our quiet haven at Marina View for some peace and quiet.

Sightseeing and travelling are utterly exhausting!


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2 Responses to Aswan, and beyond, Sherryl’s adventure in Egypt.

  1. Absolutely wonderful photos, made me feel I wanted to go back again….thanks Julie

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