Dodgy driving, a mildly mad gardener and visits to the souk

April has been a bit of a ‘stay at home’ month for us. Unless you count the very long one day trip to Hurghada and back, early in the month, which turned into a bit of an adventure!

I am constantly horrified at the driving habits of the local population, and always feel extremely grateful when we arrive home in one piece! I try not to think about the risks we take when travelling on the roads. We never travel at night, however even in broad daylight, the number of near misses I have seen astound me. I usually sit in the back seat with my ipod on very loud and my eyes squeezed shut for the entire journey.

This time we stopped briefly in El Quiser, a little town, about 90 minutes drive north of Marsa Alam. We got tangled up in a foray with an articulated truck which was unsuccessfully trying to back into an area opposite where we were parked. Several people were getting rather irate, with the hold up in the ‘traffic’. There were cars, motorbikes and and a couple of donkey carts all trying to get along on their business. Lots of shouting, gesticulating and some very angry words were exchanged, and even without knowing Arabic, I would certainly not have liked to be on the receiving end.

After a while we were on our way again, however this was not the end of our adventure that day, because, much to our dismay, we got a flat tyre on the return journey. Not surprising really, considering the roads. Thankfully we made it home in one piece although not without a bit more angst, when trying unsuccessfully to get the tyre fixed! Not exactly Tony’s tyre service!

This month has been a gardening month for me. I have been concentrating on nurturing my seedlings, with the gracious help and guidance of my wonderful neighbour upstairs. As I have previously (briefly!) mentioned I do not have green fingers, and I even go so far as to say they are very un-green, however I have been learning! What tends to happen with me and green things, is that they get to a certain stage, by that I mean they pop out of the soil and are green! and then I move onto the next thing and leave them to survive on their own, which is not in their best interests!

I have been very diligent and have spoken nicely to them every single morning. Someone with lots of gardening experience once told me that, so who am I to argue? I just make sure no one sees me talking to them….

Marina View apartments have had several ‘new’ arrivals lately, and so to celebrate ‘the girls’ went out for breakfast the other morning, followed by a trip to the souk for fruit and vege supplies. It was very hot so we treated ourselves to a taxi ride there and back, rather than brave the heat. As you can see by the pictures, not many locals about, just mad expats!

We are looking forward to the next break which will be mid May, and then Jaime and I will be tour guides for Sherryl, who arrives at the end of the month. We are planning to visit Aswan, and Abu Simbel, so we are very excited about that. More about that next time.


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2 Responses to Dodgy driving, a mildly mad gardener and visits to the souk

  1. Sounds like every day is an adventure although I’m not sure that I would be able to stomach the hair raising car journeys.

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