Sunday Jaunt to the ATM

Lately, I have made a point of walking most days, usually early in the morning before the sun gets too hot, but a few days ago I decided to walk down to the ATM at the local bank of Egypt.

I have uploaded some of the photos of that walk just to share some of the sights of the area. It was really quiet as there was no-one much around at that time of the day, also because it was getting pretty warm by that time and I think the locals are a bit more sensible! I was rather overheated by the time I got back home!

The bank is straight down the road for about a kilometre, but navigating my way around the rocks and potholes, piles of rubble is a mission. I have taken a tumble a few times, so have resolved to watch my step!

I had hoped to see a few goats which seem to randomly wander along the road, however they weren’t in evidence on this day. I understand that the ‘lead goat’ has a little tag on him which identifies him from the other herds. Some of the herds seem to be quite big, or maybe they are combined, with between 10 to 20 goats. They seem to be a natural way of keeping the trees trimmed! No one seems to take any notice of them, I wonder if they are like free range chickens, and return home in the evening!

One day I actually saw a donkey wandering along the road, he was minus any form of halter or lead, so I guess he knew where he was supposed to be as well!

Life tends to be like that here, relaxed and laid back, I guess I could take a bit of a lesson from that, Interesting!


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Kiwi girl, coach and mentor for women with asperger spouses, Teaching women to focus on self care to thrive in relationships with an asperger spouse
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3 Responses to Sunday Jaunt to the ATM

  1. Shan says:

    Wow Julie,
    There really isn’t much vegetation there at all. No wonder you get overheated while out walking! Do you get to swim in the sea at all or is it not possible?
    Love living a different way of life vicariously through you.
    Thanks for sharing!

    • Hey Shan, yes pretty different landscape. We can swim in the sea, not far from our place. Snorkelling is a joy I have recently reignited! Wonderful to see the underwater magic !
      Thank you for being interested!

    • hi Shan, not sure if my last reply was saved, thanks for commenting, we do get to swim in the beautiful Red Sea. Have reignited my passion for snorkelling in the magic of underwater Red Sea.

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