Short visits, long flights. Our trip home to NZ

March 2013

Hard to believe we have been in Egypt for 6 months! By March it was time to go home to NZ for a whirlwind 3 week holiday.

Jaime and I flew home a week earlier than Paul, to give ourselves time to recover from jetlag, before Paul arrived, mainly so we could hit the ground running! The usual 14 day break doesn’t go far when you have to fly around the world over 2 days, before you can even start the holiday!

The flights are best forgotten, they were long and very tiring, Jaime was amazing, and managed very well in very trying circumstances. I am constantly in awe of how she copes with such huge challenges. Staff on Singapore airlines were very helpful, especially when it became very obvious that Jaime was very distressed and I needed help.

We arrived in Wanganui after a short flight from Auckland, at the end of 24 + hours of flying. We were very excited to finally be home so much so that Jaime kissed the wall of the plane as we landed! Hilarious. the whole of the airport knew the Rowlands girls had arrived!

We were able to spend some lovely time with Mum and Phill in Wanganui, then it was off to Palmerston North to visit Paul’s Mum and Dad, briefly before catching a bus to Hawkes Bay.

From there it was a very busy time catching up with friends and organising the bits and pieces that needed to be done so we can stay in Egypt for another 6 months or so. We visited Palmerston North, Wellington, Taihape, Wanganui and back to Hawkes Bay for the last few days.

One of the highlights for us was spending some time with Michael in Wellington, as well as attending one of his gigs with Stephanie and Matiu.

I consider ourselves extremely lucky that we are able to do the things we did, while there, and am so grateful to everyone who helped us do it. We are so lucky to have such supportive family and amazing friends. Thank you all.

We are now back in Egypt after another gruelling set of flights,with 2 and 1/2 days travel, although at least this time we were all on the same plane!

Jaime’s birthday was the first on the agenda after we arrived back in Marsa Alam. Lunch at the Italian was a must.

Nice to be back and now time to start planning the next break!

enjoy the photos!


About thefastforwardcoach

Kiwi girl, coach and mentor for women with asperger spouses, Teaching women to focus on self care to thrive in relationships with an asperger spouse
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