Submarine adventure

November 2012

On the way home to Marsa Alam from Cyprus, bread-maker in tow, we flew back into Hurghada for a few days.

I was keen to go out on the ‘submarine’ so Jaime could experience the sight of the amazing fish life, which she had been unable to do, since she has such an aversion to salt water when snorkelling!

This was an incredible adventure, I had no idea of what it would be like, just had vaguely thought it would be a static sub, when in fact it was a real submarine just in the movies! I must admit I did feel quite apprehensive when I actually saw it for the first time!

When it came time for us to go down into the sub, I was seriously thinking that Jaime might find it all rather difficult, and was silently panicking that I had forgotten the rescue remedy or the ipod, however, she rose to the occasion and climbed down the ladder, with minimal fuss.

Once everyone was inside, the hatches were battened, and we were off. It was a weird and slightly disturbing sensation, descending down to 25 metres. I was aware of the heat and the noise of the engines and everyone’s excited chatter, while swallowing my anxiety by reminding myself that these guys knew what they were doing!

Jaime started to get rather overloaded,by the noise the loud music and sensations  particularly when a small child vomited right next to us! Well that was it, she was more interested in the drama of that, than looking at any fish! took a bit of convincing for her to actually look outside the windows!

As you will see by the photos, the fish life and the coral were very pale, not at all like the colourful fish we see here off Marsa Alam. I think we must be spoilt!

It was an amazing experience and I hope the pictures will give an idea of what it was like. Certainly recommend doing this attraction.

After that big adventure, the next day was the obligatory trip to Spinneys for supplies then off on the trip back to Marsa Alam a road journey of about 3.5 hours. I always find it rather stressful as the roads are usually pretty dodgy but also the standard of driving leaves alot to be desired. I tend to sit in the back with my ipod firmly planted in my ears, on full volume, avoiding looking out the window, hoping and praying that I am not going to die.

Our driver, a lovely guy called Ayman, has safely transported us to and from Hurghada several times now. He is the only one I would trust to take us on such a journey, and even then we would not travel at night because of the risk of not making it back in one piece.

We have certainly seen some atrocious driving, overtaking on blind corners, driving on the wrong side of the road, trucks hopelessly overloaded. No one, except expats, wear seat belts, the locals don’t drive with headlights on at night for some reason. It seems that there is some unwritten unfathomable rules for driving with the lights on at night, that says that you don’t put your lights on unless you see an oncoming car, then you put them on full beam! Needless to say we don’t drive on the open road at night! it is way too dangerous.

We eventually arrived back in Marsa Alam early evening just before dark so we were happy! The end of another 2 week break had come and it was back to work for Paul!


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Kiwi girl, coach and mentor for women with asperger spouses, Teaching women to focus on self care to thrive in relationships with an asperger spouse
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